Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No Good, Very Bad Day....

I'm having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day! Not so much my entire day, but certain aspects that take up the majority of my day are just downright crappy.
My boss, Mr. UnPC man, informed me he could get a monkey to punch in numbers if that's what he wanted. Now mind you, this was before I showed him my spectacular reports I had put together, color-coded and everything. Afterwards, I was told "You ARE better than a monkey!" That's just fabulous. I held back my excitement and giggling until I got out of his office and into mine where I proceeded to beat my head against my desk while blaring my Green Day CD. Yep, people are leaving me alone.
THEN, yes, there's more, I task someone to do an errand for me. Said errand needs to be completed by a certain time so life and the universe can align and everyones happy. Not only does it not happen by the alloted time, it doesn't even HAPPEN! It plops back down on my desk with some excuse and I have to bolt out the door myself and complete it. If I wanted to do it myself I would have done it myself! If you didn't want to do it or didn't feel like you could do it, then don't say you'll do it! After I returned to my office, I again shut my door, and tried to see if I could fit into my file cabinet drawer and lock myself in.
At the moment, to add to my misery, there are people outside of my office having a complain fest over something. Shutting my door could be seen as rude, but I'm not sure if I care today or not.
On top of all this fun and excitement that happens at my office, I'm feeling blah. Blahbity Blah Blah Blah. I had a whole hour conversation about how I don't like that I am now some antisocial freak of nature. While some of you might be shocked that it took me this long to come to this conclusion, don't be. I didn't use to be antisocial. I think at some point I use to like people, but again, some might disagree that this was ever a possibility. Blahbity Blah Blah I tell you.
I'm going to pull my hair out a strand at a time with my tweezers. I think this could eliminate the noise of the people STILL venting about things that really don't matter and no one really cares and they're not going to save the world OR the postal service, but I digress.
Blahbity Blah Blah folks. Blahbity Blah Blah.


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