Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Town

My town. It's special in so many ways. Tom and I headed downtown last night to catch some pizza and beer. Afterwards, we decided to walk around downtown before heading to a movie. (TransAmerica is SO worth going to see!) So on our stroll, we passed these guys drumming away and I couldn't resist. I've now asked Tom to take drum lessons so he can play in the living room without his shirt. The picture does that boy no justice but MY he was nice to watch drum!
My town is made up of 4 types of people: the freakishly conservatives, the freakishly liberal, those normal people in between and the Yankees. Oh, and throw in the hippies in there somewhere too. They fit into all the categories, they just don't shave or wear bras. Honestly, I want to stand out on the corner with the guy who hands out needles and AIDs literature and hand out bras. Some of these girls are going to look back on this time in their life and go "WTF!" One of those girls desperately wanted to be in my picture, but I cut her out.
Anyway, according to the paper, there was a rally held before these guys got to their drum playing. It was a gay rights rally so YEAH for Gay Rights. They're people too. In another part of town, there was another rally. It was held by the anti-gay church groups. Yeah for free speech! It just confuses me. Can't we just get over it and move on? I'm pretty sure during the civil rights movement, there were a lot of similar protests. Why can't people see the similarities between then and now?
Ok, so nothing funny today. I'm having a pondering day and watching some bizarre "Hate Crimes don't Pay" commercials. Satellite TV gives me so much variety! Why is there STILL nothing ever on?
I'll leave you with one last pic. I haven't decided what it's going to be yet, but I'll post and publish! HA! Have a good Sunday!


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