Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love you more than nothing....

I love you more than nothing. That's what my child tells me before she leaves for school. It use to be that she loved me higher than the clouds and moon. Now, it's I love you more than nothing. I love her bunches. Yes, there's a story.
One day my child was pondering, what all kids do, "How big is the universe?" Huge, I told her. Insanely, non-comprehendable and huge. We started talking about the stars and planets, black holes and space dust. The whole conversation went right over her head, but she paid close attention none the less. So she asks me, "Mom, what's past space?" I say, "More Space." "Past that?" she asks again. Again, I reply "More Space." We did this banter back and forth for awhile. Finally I caved. "Honey, there's nothing past space." She sat and thought for a minute and then said, "Ok, then I love you more than nothing."
I set myself up for that, but gosh she's cute :)


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They seem so much cuter when they are expressing their love. Mine loves me more than the princesses. And I don't even have a tiara. Hey, Kim. This is the first time I've ever read a blog, much less responded to one. So what's the deal? You have time to rant to strangers but no time to visit old friends? God forbid you set aside a little time to spend with me. I have to search blogs just to see how you are doing. That's okay. I know you're busy. Too busy to worry about your old friends. hmm. Never mind, I'll just sit here in the dark.

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kim - I love it, more than nothing, because nothing is everything... this girl has potential! I have only once before read a blog (Richard's niece and husband on the countdown to birth of their first with photos of tummy along the way!), and I have never before commented on one. Jenny and I moved to the 4th floor in the tower and are in cubicles next to each other. They are large ones and have windows looking out to Merchant Street and the sky (which has been cloudy for weeks!). It's okay, but it was this or Jenny had to sit in one of those open areas for the AAs on the 4th floor and that would have driven her nuts, I couldn't do that to her. Tammy tells me that soon I will be able to hold my one-month old grandson. She has been keeping him from everyone for the first month. There has been a nasty flu and lots of colds about, so she is protecting him I guess, but boy, it is hard knowing this sweet little new life is 4 blocks away and Tutu can't see him or hold him. Nice to hear your "voice", and hear of you and yours. Aloha!


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