Friday, March 03, 2006

February 26, 2006

Sunday, February 26, 2006
PETA be Dammed! Current mood: tired
Can I say that on MySpace! I must tell you, I wore a dead animal last night, and LIKED it. Yes, I'm sure I will now be sprayed with skunk urine by some rabid PETA person, but I think I'll take that chance.
I went to a concert last night where my mom's foreign exchange student was the featured pianist (I'd like to take this time to mention AGAIN I'm mad my mom didn't love me enough to be Asian. Girl has MAD talent, 4.2GPA, eats all day and MAY weigh 110, and will most likely never age. I was a good fetus, I deserved ASIAN!). Anyway, I didn't have a jacket and so my mom whips out my grandmothers mink stole. O.M.G.! I fell in love, and by god it loved me back. We went out together, we snuggled together, and I would have slept with it if my husband hadn't given me that "Are you on CRACK" look when I came to bed with it. I'm in love. Sadly, I had to leave it at my moms. Where it sits, pissed off that it's not with me and instead, in the closet smelling like moth balls.
I'd like to point out, that I did notice little old ladies can wear minks and other such furs and nobody thinks twice about saying anything. They're old and half the time can barely walk, but they have their fur so leave them alone!
Now, everyone go out and buy a lovely fur something. IF PETA sees you, you can always tell them it's a great fake! Might keep you from smelling like skunk urine, even though it would be SO totally worth it!


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