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January 30, 2006

Monday, January 30, 2006
Ah Sororities Current mood: blah
Please note, that I'm still not over yesterday's blog, but I guess now's a good time to move on to more random topics of discussion.
What would we do withouth them? Yes, I belong to one. Everyone stop your snickering. Yes, I can hear you. I joined my freshman year of college before I headed off to that lovely Military School in the freaking cold North. I loved it. However, it's a good part of the reason I DID end up at the lovely Military school.
Anywho, For awhile, when I lived in Maryland, I was active in the alumni group and enjoyed it. I wanted to do it when I got back to North Carolina since there were no groups in Germany or Hawaii for me to belong to. When I got back, the one in my town had gone to an inactive status and the active one was an hour plus away. The one farther away, however, had most of the girls that I had gone to school with and pledged with. Wonderful girls who I truely respected and so forth. The downside was, well, it was an hour and a half away and the drive was anything but scenic. So, I did bad things. I committed to events and didn't go because I couldn't stomach the drive and somewhere over the past few years, I've really stopped liking social events. Anyway, basically I'm feeling guilty. I want to make an effort and a contribution to the sorority, but I don't know how. I received an email this morning stating that basically, if we can't all meet up at the hour and a half away location, then they're going to dissolve that group as well. (I'd like it noted that most of the group lives in the hour and a half location, with the exception of me). So, basically this is a I feel guilty post. Bad Kim. Bad Bad Bad.


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little sad you didn't mention that fact that you have THE BEST big sis while you were in that fraternity. Nor did you mention that you woke her up at ALL hours because your were "bored" and needed something to do - ie. scavenger hunt that usually ended with me storing stolen merchandise at my house. Thanks for the love Kim!!! YBS

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Ahh, and how I HAIL my Suzy. How she stopped herself on SEVERAL occassions from killing me and how wonderfully she hazed me on request:)! We will all be privelaged to a "Ode to Suzy". Now, lets not all start requesting Odes! I know who you are and I'll put nasty things in the mail and send them to you as presents! Yes, you know I know who you are :)!


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