Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

You know, I find that I have those moments where I'm at someplace odd and I have these thoughts of "OH, that would be sooooo good to Blog about!" Unfortunetly, my husbands razor sharp idea of getting me a mini tape recorder so I can talk out these ideas and save them for postarity, has not manifested. Lets note, that this idea of his took shape about 3 or 4 years ago. You can see what a fast actor he is!
So, I'm going to try to recreate those moments to the best my memory will allow. Don't hold your breathe for the fantasticness that it was in my head, because now my muddled brain has well, muddled it.
This month is national "Brush your Teeth Month" or something as equally as creative. So Skyler comes home with all this teeth brushing crap. If you know my mother, you probably know we already have a whole CLOSET full of this crap so hey, what's a few more toothbrushes and plaque fighting capsules, right! Along with this came a book. Something to the effect of "The King who wouldn't brush his teeth". Fabulous book on getting kids to see that you need to brush your teeth and the bad side effects of not brushing your teeth and on and on. So after I read it, I have a question. Why can't someone write a book about "The King who wouldn't wipe his ass!"! I mean REALLY! That is my struggle this week, not teeth! She's got teeth down pat. I need WIPING ASS help here! For those that do have children but haven't experienced this yet... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. For those that don't, but at some point will.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Y'all will so feel my pain!
Secondly! I got into East Carolina University..... Again. Yep, I have to say again, because it is again! I can get in not once, but twice. I am now officially a winner! I applied for last Fall but didn't go for some reasons that some of you do or don't know. So when I called to see if they could just roll it over for me to enroll Fall '06 they said, nope! Send us $50 more dollars and reapply again. Yes, I see this as a money ploy too, but what can you do. So I'm in. Comfirmation letter is set and I'm back to being a 10th year college student! Does Gueniss keep track of that? They should. I could be SO in!
All in all, good week. I've done crap today. Laid in bed, all that jazz. I managed NOT to go to work this weekend which is a feat in itself and I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday so I feel my wifely duty has been fulfilled.
I'm off. I've been summoned to help wax the car. Now think of the joke "How many people does it take to wax a car?" If you answered one, your probably on the same wave path is me. GRRRRRR :)


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