Friday, March 03, 2006

OK, Now we're caught Up!

So, just a quick run down that I've created this blog too. You may ask, "Kim, how many places do you really feel you need to spout off on?" to which I will reply "As many as I damn well please! You know, cursing gets me places!"
Anyway, you'll see I've copied all the posts from the other blog because I learned that they don't save they posts. You have so much room and then the begin to delete. That does not fly for my funny only to me humor and I feel I need to be saved! (Do y'all have James Brown in your head? I NEED A WITNESS!)
So, here it is. They are all titled by date, but somehow got put out of order and I am just not that savvy to try to fix it, so be smart and figure it out! I'm going to try to figure this blog out now:)


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