Friday, March 03, 2006

March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday!
Ash Wednesday! Who went to church?! MEMEMEMEME! Oh my GOD I got so annoyed! If you go to Mass, go to Mass.
I went to my daughter's school Mass. The people attending were of course, the whole school, some parents of students and those few people who said YEAH, 10:00 Mass! I don't have to wait until 7:00!
So I go and sit down in front of a row full of woman. By GOD they talked through the whole MASS! "Did you see so and so? What is she wearing? Where is she sitting? Did you taste her something or other?" and ON AND ON AND ON for an HOUR! Now, my husband does call me socially inept but it took ALL of my restraint not to turn around and tell them to shut the heck up. We're in Mass! None of us really want to be here, but we're good little Catholics and we show up because we have too. Now be quiet so I can pretend to pay attention and make my daughter think that this is always enjoyable!
THEN! 30 minutes into the Mass, some guy comes to my row and says "Move Over!" Not, could you please move over? Not, could we scoot buy you please? Nothing Nice! So, I give the look of death, and proceed to move. On the up side, it did mute the ladies chatter for awhile. So we go up for our Ashes, which happened about 5 minutes after stupid guy sat down. We get our Ashes and stupid man LEAVES! He came 30 minutes into Mass, got his Ashes and LEFT! WTF? I mean crap, if I wanted to shaft out of Mass, but GOOD GRIEF! Skip the homoly, skip communion, just come get my Ashes so I can look like a good person who went to church and then get the heck out! I wanted to chase him into the parking lot, but I refrained.
So, that was my Ash Wednesday. I did get the one "What's that" comment from a 40 year old at the Cracker Barrell for lunch. After explaining the whole process to her, she says "Well that's great. I love Jesus so it' must be a wonderful thing. We're Baptist, we don't do that, but as long as it's for Jesus I'm all for it" Yes, I was having to contain my laughter, but I managed not to shoot any tea out of my nose!
How was y'alls Wednesday!


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