Monday, March 13, 2006

Beep Beep!

I feel that you all should be as thoroughly annoyed as I am. Have y'all heard Ford's new "Spring Sale" commercial? The annoying Beep Beep song that gets stuck in your head. The one you're going around singing because, well, the Beep Beep is intoxicating. Kindof like the "The car is going 110 as fast as it can go....." Yeah, I don't know the rest, only that me and my bestfriend in High School got it stuck in our head. Don't ask, I don't remember.
SO, without further adeu....

The song list is on the right. You want to hear Beep Beep! Now, you have to listen to it for a few seconds before you get the addicting Beep Beep. It's ADDICTING!

So, they're coming to Asheville in April and playing at HairSpray. Yes folks, this is the local gay club and by god I think I'm going! They're out of Atlanta so they're around the area playing a lot. So, go out and Beep Beep! Stinking commercial!


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