Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's just Painful!

What is UP with the increase of stupidity? I mean REALLY people! I can’t decide if people are really just this stupid or if talking to me makes them this stupid. It’s painful!
We’re doing some remodeling at the house. New carpet, tile, deck all that jazz. Now I’ll admit, the flooring estimates were a bit complicated. We had to do certain rooms with installation and certain rooms with just materials figured in because Tom’s dad is going to come down and install for us. Has anyone ever watched estimator’s measure for flooring? We had 3 guys come in and they all just jot down room sizes here and there with no reference as to where that room is in the house. Jot area dimensions here, jot a few more there, toss in one here and we’ll give you a call! Yeah, let me tell you how well THAT worked! I call the one company that I’d like to go with because their installer was the least scary. I ask them to just give me an estimate for the carpet we KNOW we’re going to have to install and give her the rooms and what not. She fumbles around, looks for some stuff and mumbles A LOT. “Well, there are just so many notes on how you want the estimates broken down and I just can’t figure out which one you’re asking for and what rooms.” WTF people! How hard is UPSTAIRS BEDROOMS, STAIRS LEADING TO UPSTAIRS BEDROOMS and BEDROOM OFF OF KITCHEN! I just want carpet THERE! I honestly was about to jump through the phone and pummel her. Anyway, she finally gets her crap together and says she’ll call me back. RIIIIGGGHHTTTT! We’ll take a moment and come back to how well that went!
My other problem is I need a sample of the carpet so I can find tile for the bathrooms. The sample that I have is attached to this HUGE carpet sample with like 10 other color samples of the same carpet. The color I want will NOT come out of this sample, so I ask her how I can get a sample. I just should have known better. “WELL, we can’t get that one out and why do you need it again?” So, I tell her I’d like to take it with me to find tile that will compliment it and not wash it out. “OH, well you know the tile is going to come in different shades and you can just come here and use the sample here.” No stupid lady, there are 10 other color samples with the one I want and I can’t tell colors because they’re all so close together! Anyway, since this is getting long, I’ll sum it up. Stupid lady told me we couldn’t get a sample. I then ask for the manufacturer name so I can call and, you know, ask them to send me a sample! “OOOHHH Well I can do that for you.” WHAT.THE.FUCK PEOPLE? No lie, we were talking about this stupid sample for 30 minutes and how it wouldn’t matter if I had it or not, the color would change. NOW she can get me a sample!
As for the rooms estimate, I still haven’t gotten it yet. She’s still looking for the room off the kitchen. Do you know what’s frightening? This is one of the smarter carpet people. I’m scared. Very scared. I am not going to make it through this remodel without loosing my patience with someone. Who knew it was THIS complicated?
Thank you for tolerating this rant. I’ll most likely delete it later or update you on the status. I’m going to go lock myself in my file cabinet now and hope the world disappears until I come back out!


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