Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I like to think that I have many friends, and I do. When it comes to close friends, the kind that you'd hide bodies for and wave fake guns at stupid boyfriends for, well, I can probably count them on my fingers and have a few left over to stuff some loser cake in my mouth. I'm ok with that though. None of my close friends live down the street. I'm lucky one or two live in the same state! I love each of them dearly and would do anything for them, and I like to think they know that about me. I want to think that even though I don't call every week, or every 6 months for that matter, that they know I'm still here and would still go wherever they needed me to go or do whatever they needed me to do because they are worth that kind of loyalty from me.
My bestfriend got married this past weekend. My bestfriend that has known me the longest. The one who I battled cockroaches in her kitchen at 1am, ALL for a glass of orange juice, and won. The one whose picture I still have, smeared with blue cake icing, up on my desk. The one whose family always liked my "My family puts the "FUN" in dysFUNctional" statements. The one whose Dad changed my flats after my running into their brick barriers by their driveway, more than once. Mainly, the one that I wanted so badly to be with when her brother passed away 2 days after I left for Germany. There's more, but I guess y'all get the drift.
I love her dearly. I love her family dearly. She's married. I cried. I think I cried more than her Dad, but it's questionable. I cried because, well, her previous relationships have been less than stellar. This guy, however, was something to take notice of. I was happy she was happy. I was happy she found someone who will take care of her the way she deserves to be taken care of. I cried.
SO, to those of my lovely friends who sometimes don't realize how much I do love you and how often I do think of you, well, I do. Don't make me cry, damnit!
Here's my Kathleen.


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