Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Random Musings for the Day

Yes, I've built up a lot of things I've wanted to express, but nothing really worth having it's own little forum. Hence, I will lump them all into one. Let's also note that it's not anywhere near as cool as it was in my head because my husband STILL has not gotten me that taperecorder. He doesn't read this either so I'm pretty much doomed.

If you ever ask me for directions to my house, you'll notice there are a lot of strange landmarks along the way that I refer too. I do this because, well, where else are you going to see these random things? You'll KNOW you're on the right road. You're going to pass the trailer with the green tractor on the roof, the farm that rents the purple earth movers, the house with 10 large field tractors on the front lawn, the house with 1/2 of a rusted barge in the front yard and the body of a small plane in the woods. I mean REALLY, only in the mountains. I'll also note that most of these fine homes and establishments are proudly displaying their "No Zoning" signs in their yards. FANTASTIC! Alas, times, they are a changing. I was driving home the other day, and came around the curve where the rusted barge sits. I guess after so many years, they've gotten tired of the barge sitting there, and have started to dismantel it. The TRAGEDY! Piece by Piece, it's leaving the yard and going, well, somewhere. I told my husband about the development, but he wasn't as shocked as I was. He had good reason. They've taken away about 1/2 of the 1/2 barge. They haven't touched anything else in a month. SO, now, you'll pass 1/2 of 1/2 of a barge. You can obviously see where the other 1/2 was by the open spot of dirt surrounded by grass and CRAP sitting out visible and in the open! Now I've got to go alter all my direction sheets!!!!

Cadbury Egg's people. WHY! WHY are the Cadbury people so mean that they can only produce this product for 2 months out of a 12 month year? By the end of February, I'm searching the isles for the elusive eggs and stock piling what I can. By the end of April, they're gone. G.O.N.E.! I mean really, here's 2 months of chocolaty goodness and now P.O.O.F! GONE! Fuckers. I have 4 packages left and I haven't been doing a good hording job of them. Co-workers keep coming in asking for them, and darn it, I'm Too NICE! Maybe if I stuff them in the electrical panel that is hidden behind my cork board, no one will ask me anymore. Kim, you say, why not hide them in a drawer or take them home?! HA! You think it's that easy? Nope, they'll be found and gobbeled! I don't know who pissed off the Cadbury Egg people, but can we all write some letters and get them to be a year round candy? It'd save the little amount of sanity I'm allowed to claim! Isn't that considered charity work? HELP SOMEONE! This, which I stole from someone else's page, is by far the cutest thing and could help me overcome by Cadbury Egg cravings for a few moments.

I thought there was more, but I was mistaken. It'll come to me in the middle of the night and I'll turn, looking for my taperecorder that ISN'T THERE! I'm off to work. Maybe I can accomplish something productive today. I won't hold my breath if you don't hold yours!


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