Tuesday, May 02, 2006


First off, the barge, it is gone. I am sad. I never knew how much I would miss seeing that rusted out hull of a barge in the middle of a field until it was all gone and all that was left was a patch of dirt. Darn it! Maybe I should stick a "Bring back the Barge" sign beside their "NO ZONING" sign. Let's all take a moment to reflect and remember, The Barge. (IF it hadn't been located in the middle of a blind curve, I would have stopped to take a picture, but alas, not a safe idea and I'm pretty sure they have shotguns and I'm some part of government conspiracy person and I'd be shot)

So ladies and gentleman, I BOUGHT MYSELF A TAPERECORDER. This also makes me sad. I mean, here's my dilema. What am I going to bitch about now that I have said taperecorder and did NO ONE get the HINT about the taperecorder? While it's great I have it now, and I need to start using it for its purpose, it would be more meaningful if someone had taken the hint! That, or my husband just decided to go off and buy what he said he was going to buy me 4 years ago:) I digress! My husband told me to take it back because it didn't fill me with the joy that it should (I have no idea where those exact words came from, but again...) but I think I'll keep it. Y'all can now think of more fabulous things to get me. I have a watch and wedding dress I'd like. Take your time, email me, I'll describe in detail for you! :) There, I've whined. Let's move on......

The house is finished and complete! I'm ten shades of excited! Of course I can no longer complain about those stupid people we bought it from and all the stupid things they did to the house, anymore. They're all fixed and I have to say, it looks amazing! If you want pics, let me know and I'll email you.

I leave you with this question. Is watching a Shakira video the same as watching soft porn? I'm having a hard time finding the difference between the two! :)


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