Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Tom Waits

I have ONE ticket available to see Tom Waits on August 2nd in Asheville. ONE ticket. I'm going so someone has to sit with me. Tickets for this concert are not able to be scalped so if anyone tells you they'll sell them to you, they're lying. You have to go with them. They were only sold in groups of 2 and the person who bought them MUST be present WITH the credit card they used to purchase them to get the wristbands. I see that a lot are trying to be sold via Ebay and so forth. These are SCAMS! You WILL not be able to get 2 tickets unless you got them when they were on sale.

TOM WAITS!!! HELLO!!!! Anyone? Anyone? Someone? Shit people! TOM WAITS! He never plays concerts! Do you live under a ROCK!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

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Happy 4th of July! Nothing exciting here, just wanted to say hi and Thank you to those that serve our country, and allow us to exercise our Constitutional Amendments. Please note, these are not politicians, activist or lobbiers. These are our men and women in uniform who protect us and our Constitution each and every day by merely doing their job. Thank you.

Now, here's my thought to ponder today. Why is it, when you go to get ice out of the icebox in the freezer that at least ONE ICE CUBE will jump to its death onto my kitchen floor? WHY?

The difference between cable and satellite TV? Cable goes out during a storm. With Satellite, it just turns into scribble and screaching until the signals found again. All I ask, is that it's ON and WORKING for the soccer game!

Here's my new patio Tom finished :) Note his new grill too :) It's about to rain here, so they're a bit dark.