Saturday, October 25, 2008

and then the dog was driving!


Somewhere outside of Topeka, things got a little bizarre!  Needless to say, Bo made his first trip up to the front of the car and thought he was MUCH smaller than he was.  This picture was after about 5 minutes when he figured out he was in the way and needed to go back to the safety of his own seat!

Let me start back at the beginning.  We left Mt Vernon around 7am.  Nothing truly eventful took place.  It rained most of the way until we got into Kansas and then thankfully, the sun opened up.  I'm pretty sure we're done with the rain from here on out!

I have learned that real estate law isn't as boring as one might think!  Who knew all the twists and turns of a soap opera were involved in some transactions?  Fascinating!

We again, didn't take many pictures, but there really wasn't much to see.  We did snap a few of the St. Louis Arc

IMG_0687 It was pretty impressive to see!

Other than that, we made it into Salina, KS at 2pm (whatever time zone we're in now).  We took ourselves into town and ate at a lovely steak restaurant and filled ourselves full so we could enjoy a nice sleep!

I will say I've been very impressed with the Holiday Inn's we've been staying at.  I usually stay at Marriott, but I now feel I have 2 options.  The staff has been great, the rooms have been great and they treat the dogs wonderfully!  We have been asked several times while walking through the lobbies if there is a dog show going on in the area.  Needless to say, we obviously have 2 good looking dogs!  If only they'd behave as well!!!  :)  See you in Denver!


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I need an update. What's going on in Colorado?


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