Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moving Day!

Don't you all wish there were pictures?  Heck, I wish there were pictures of certain things.  Like, how do you think 3 men got a tractor onto the truck?  They won't tell me.  My guess is it wasn't safe!  Alas, no pictures!

Our day started at 7:30 with a trip to drop the puppies off at the vet to get a good bath and cut.  We then made it over to Denny's to grab some breakfast.  Afterwards, it was off to get the truck!  By 9:15am the truck was in the driveway!  (of course that took about 10 attempts but thankfully the mailbox survived it's close encounters!)

All in all, nothing exciting happened today.  Tom and I were both sad to leave the house this evening, but we're leaving it in good hands and looking forward to new adventures. 

The downside to the move was that we had to leave a few things behind.  For the longest time I was concerned that the truck we had (26' truck) was going to be way to big.  We stuffed every corner and crevice and STILL had to leave our large grill and some odds and ends.  Hopefully the new tenant will be able to either use them, or get rid of them creatively!

We're now nice and toastie at the Plemmon's household.  We're looking forward to a good nights sleep (after some Aleve) before heading out early tomorrow morning!  We are slated to make it to Mt. Vernon, IL for our first official stop.  It's our longest leg of the trip but hopefully the most entertaining.  We're going to meet up with my friend Jami outside of Clarksville, TN for lunch!  Anyone else on our way to Grand Junction?!

I promise, once the trip starts, things should get entertaining.  I'm just to tired at 9:30pm to entertain!  I'm very thankful for the Plemmons for keeping us for the night and feeding us some wonderful chili.  I'm stealing Suzannah tomorrow to join us for our trek.  We'll talk about her horrible flight pattern she has to take home on Sunday.  Ahhh, good times!


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