Monday, June 26, 2006

Germany Pics and such

Here are some pics from our trip!

Our Hotel ~ The Landstuhl Schloss Hotel! I highly recomend it. It has some downfalls, but we didn't mind. You could rarely find hotel staff, but you could always find bar staff :) They're trained to work in both settings. At night, you can hear the people on the patio, but it's not that bad of a thing. It was Germany. It was the World Cup. It was going to be loud!

Here's my carriage ride! Tom has promised me a carriage ride through a European city since we went to Prague in 2001. We ran out of time then, but we found time this time. We are in Salzburg Austria. Home of Mozart and crazy drivers!

This is Georg and Annelise Schweinach. They were our landlords in Germany. We love them! Georg is 80 years old. He was in the Nazi Army during WWII. He is FASCINATING. The history according to Georg is nothing what you learn in the states and it is nothing short of amazing. After the war, he and Annelise moved to Chicago for 30 years. They have one son, who was born in the US and served 7 years in the Airforce before moving back to Europe. He now lives in Switzerland.

That's all I'm going to post for right now. I'm going to try to send pictures individually because there are just SO many. We also have film we have to develop that has pictures on it! Argh!
If you can log on to the website that Eli and I have, you can see some more pics there as well!


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