Monday, August 07, 2006

Travel SUCKS!

Planes people, PLANES! It always amazes me that a large metal tube, propelled by large engines can get enough lift to launch 100 or so odd people into the air and onto their next destination. A sat in my seat last night, enjoying the fact that this was my LAST flight for awhile, and pondered how one THINKS of things like air travel. It wasn't too long ago, you couldn't have pushed me on a plane if you tried.

When I got sick last year, I had a few weeks to ponder my gazillion satelitte stations. I kept hitting the Discovery channels "Moments from Disaster" series. Yep, watching that plane over the Atlantic loose and engine and barely make it to land on the Azrures without flight gear, one engine and some vapor for gas, pretty much locked me in to the fact that flying was WAY over-rated. Now granted, I've flown since I was 14. I've always enjoyed it, but watch the Discovery channel and you're doomed to terror in the skies!

Anyway, it was one of those pondering things. That and the pondering of "When the HECK did people become so FREAKING RUDE?!" We're in a small plane, 2-2 seat pattern. The lady behind me decides she needs to put lotion on her hands and not just ANY lotion. She puts on some Magnolia/Mango/Tart lotion, not once, not twice, 3 FREAKING times during our hour and a half flight. My eyes were burning. The guy beside me was trying to breath through his shirt. It was insane! Does that SOUND like a good idea?! Why does everyone have to talk on their cell phones like they're at a Nascar race? I don't want to know that your grandmothers hernia is getting better and her stool is getting looser. TONE DOWN YOUR VOICE for god's sake! PEOPLE!

Remember, you're in a TUBE with other people who could just go bat shit crazy at any moment. Let's try to remember that and be curteous to your flight people.

P.S. TOM WAITS RULED!!!!!!!!!! I went with a total stranger because no one really loves me. :( I'm sniffing and stuff here....


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