Friday, September 12, 2008


Talk about neglect! 2 and a half years! I would be more upset if anyone ever read it, but considering my mom just checks it to see if I've posted any dirty gossip, I'm not so hurt.

So just a quick note. I've decided to continue with this as we prepare for our next move. We moved to Asheville 4 ( crap almost 5 for me!) years ago after we finished our assignment in Hawaii. I really had high hopes we'd be able to beat the military "move every 4 year" curse, but it was just not meant to be. The Nomad lifestyle is too ingrained into our being to resist it anymore. However, I'd like to note that SERIOUSLY I made it 5 years in the same spot! Five years and 1 month if our leave date stays the end of October. Someone should get me a prize for that!

As is ALWAYS the case, I have made the most wonderful friends in the last year or two of being here. I'm a late bloomer and my general mood of not liking people does tend to make it harder than I'm sure it has to be! I noticed that trend last month. I always find the greatest people when I only have a year or so left in a city. I should have seen the signs coming THEN! Oh well!

So, I'm heading off to Colorado this weekend and I'm hoping that by the time I get back on Thursday I can say for certain that we're moving to Grand Junction in October. I'm going to post and take pictures of our trip and let you know how things go!

On the downside, my research for all the "must haves" in new towns has not provided great results. Basically, if I don't mind driving 4 hours every few weeks to get my fix, I'm fine! No Jamba Juice in Grand Junction, but 10,000 in Denver and Colorado Springs. Same for Chick-Fil-A, but at least they have some!

So, here we go....again!


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